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Suffy Annis Nutricious 1- 3 years (500g)

Every kids have their own uniqueness of development especially at the age of 1 – 3 years old. Both kids and the parent have their own consent on their needs. For the Parent, the important of having milk is to get all the nutrition needed by the kid. However, for kids, the important is the taste that delicious.

Thanks to Suffy Annis Nutritious, now we have milk that is nutritious and delicious !!!

Suffy Annis Nutriticious powdered milk formula is the recommended milk for kids especially to those having sensitive gut. Our milk contains important nutrient and mineral needs for the kids plus it is also included with our new Tri-Guide formulation.

Tri-Guide is a specially blend formulation for kids to enhance their appetite, to increase healthy digestion and aids kids brain development. It is the best milk to enhance kids uniqueness development.

Maklumat Nutrisi | Nutrition Information

Kaedah Penyediaan | Preparation Step

Storage Instructions

You want nothing but the best. So to ensure every glass of milk is as fresh as the first, follow the guidelines below for optimum milk quality.

  • Use the milk powder before its expiry date (see the back of the box).
  • The milk powder is kept in an inner pouch to ensure quality before opening. To keep milk powder at its best, always fold the inner pouch securely after use and keep the pouch in an air-tight container.
  • Store the container in a cool, dry place and use the contents within 3 weeks of opening.

Where to find our milk

Get it now at our official online store Shopee Suffy Malaysia

Pack Formats Available
  • 500 g Pouch in Box (Regular variant)